The Major Types of Electricians

Electricity is humankind and has made it important for professionals in the industry to distinguish the different types of classes of people who handle electricity in different stages.

In the electrical industry there are different kinds of electricians available. They are different because they usually do different jobs that relates to electricity. There types include Electrician, Industrial Electrician and Residential Electrician. Although they all do related jobs, the area of work differ and thus when hiring any, it is important that you look at the level that they are certified in. The most common are residential electricians that people hiring always interact with. This article will discuss the three types of electricians. Read more great facts on  Residential Electricain Baltimore, click here. 

The electrician that you meet every day is the residential electrician. They are usually ones who we call to fix the simple sockets and any electrical malfunctions within our homes. These professionals are usually available and know how to fix the common electrical components in your home.They maintain the wiring of a home and test the wiring of a house before completion of the house.There job is not intensive like the other two commercial and industrial electricians. These Electricians are locally available and their work does not involve high voltages like the others. Please view this site for further details. 

Commercial electricians also work in open places but there work involves the use of high voltage electricity. Organizations that they work with are business oriented. For instance, the work within in hotels and restaurants and light manufacturing companies. The fact that they work with high voltage carrying devices, there work usually involve troubleshooting and testing of transformers and circuit breakers in commercial buildings. Arguing that they only work in high voltage consuming organizations is right since residential electricians do not do it. Their services are mainly need when there are major problems with transformers. They also rank higher than residential electricians since they handle high voltage electricity.

It the Industrial electricians who are highly specialized. They perform their work in areas needing high attention. The companies that they work for are either manufacturing, heavy production and areas also in military. What is required in their area of work is accuracy and high intellect. Most industrial electricians have attained further and specialized training. Mistake may cause losses in this field of electricity hence there is no room for any.Qualifying to be an Industrial electrician might take a lot of years. This being the case, there are very limited industrial electricians as compared to the others.With the above distinction, it is now easy for anyone to know the difference between the types of electricians.